Individualized learning spaces and setting

What students, parents and guardians need to know

At Flex, we want every student to feel safe and welcome so that they can learn and thrive. The following guidelines help make this possible.

Flex student agreement

“I understand that it is a privilege to be a part of Vancouver Flex Academy. I agree to be a willing learner, to attend regularly, to contribute to a safe learning environment and to show my respect for our community. In addition, I will remain drug- and alcohol-free and not endanger the safety of anyone at the school with weapons, threats or other means of violence or harassment. I further understand that I am expected to follow the rules and regulations applicable to all students attending the Vancouver Public Schools. Failure to meet these conditions could result in revocation of this agreement and return to my resident school.”

Vancouver Flex Academy students are expected to take ownership of their education and the learning environment. Students choosing not to exhibit the attitudes and behaviors necessary for success are subject to progressive discipline.

Some examples of unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Classroom disruptions
  • Defiance toward a staff member
  • Inappropriate language or gestures
  • Behavior that would warrant a bus referral
  • Truancy
  • Failure to follow Vancouver Public Schools’ technology code of ethics
  • Lack of cooperation
  • Leaving campus without permission
  • Fighting, assault, intimidation
  • Sexual or malicious harassment
  • Threatening behavior
Any student who knowingly submits work of others as his/her own shall be considered to have cheated. Cheating also includes the aiding and abetting of cheating by others. All students involved will receive no credit for the work and be subject to disciplinary action. Citing sources used (giving credit for an idea to the correct individual) is an important aspect of learning proper student behaviors.

For the safety and well-being of students, the following items are not allowed at school:

  • Squirt guns
  • Water balloons
  • Snowballs
  • Stink bombs
  • Masks
  • Pointed studs
  • Lasers
  • Choker chains
  • Pepper spray
  • Handcuffs
  • Guns
  • Stun guns
  • Knives

If an item is not part of a student’s learning program, it should be left at home. Any items used in a way that is dangerous or disruptive are also prohibited. Any item that disrupts the educational process will be confiscated.

Tobacco use/possession

Vancouver Public Schools’ regulation on smoking, use or possession of tobacco reads as follows:

  • Smoking, use, or possession of tobacco, e-cigarettes and tobacco lookalikes by students on school district property will not be permitted.
  • School building administrators and other members of the certificated staff will be diligent in their efforts to strictly enforce this prohibition.
  • Students choosing to smoke in, on or around campus will be subject to progressive school discipline.


Skateboards and rollerblades may not be used on school grounds. Students who ride skateboards to school may be required to check them in to the office. Vancouver Flex Academy does not have storage capacity for skateboards and cannot assume responsibility for their safekeeping.

At Vancouver Flex Academy, we recognize the multitude of appropriate uses of personal computing devices, or PCDs, as part of the educational process. Students and staff will have filtered access to the school district’s network server. When given permission, students are expected to use PCDs in a manner that is not disruptive to the classroom.

Whether a student is using their own device or a school-owned device, the same policies and guidelines apply. Teachers may restrict the use of devices as they deem appropriate in the classroom. Generally, students should have all electronics “off and away” in the classroom unless the teacher gives students permission to use them.

Cellphones are a privilege, not a right at school. If a student is asked by a staff member to put their cellphone away, the student is expected to comply. Refusal to cooperate will result in school discipline. Vancouver Flex Academy does not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of cellphones and other personal computing devices.

Music devices and headphone use are allowed at Vancouver Flex Academy but must be used in accordance with established school/classroom rules and staff permission. Generally, students are not allowed to listen to music during class time. If music is excessively loud or disruptive to the learning environment, students will be asked to put the music device away.

The Flex computer system has been provided to support the educational programs of Vancouver Flex Academy. By logging into any computer, all students agree to abide by the student technology ethics as determined by the school district.

Students using the Flex computer system must first agree to, and comply with, the following guidelines:

  • Conserve school resources: Agree to do your part to conserve paper, printer supplies and network file space. Delete all files from your network home directory that you no longer need. Ask the system manager for help if you cannot print. Do not print duplicates.
  • Access to chat rooms is prohibited.
  • Never use the school internet connections to download or forward games to others. Delete games that others send to you.
  • Copyright law: Under no circumstances are you to install, store or email executable programs using the school’s computers. This extends to all executable files, including those with the exe, zip, scr, com, bat and pif extensions.
  • Vandalism: Attempts to modify or crash the school network, workstation or equipment will be treated as acts of vandalism.
  • Respecting others: Never use Vancouver Flex Academy computers to convey profanity, abusive language, derision, threats or racial or sexual innuendoes.
  • Do not use someone else’s school account and never allow others to use yours.

Any violation(s) of the above rules may result in loss of computer privileges and disciplinary action.

Vancouver Flex Academy is engaged in the business of learning. A student’s job is to get an education. As in any professional workplace, employees’ attire is expected to reflect the values of the employer. Flex staff members recognize and champion our students’ rights to express their individuality in their selection of their school dress and, in the same vein of respect, expect students to acknowledge and recognize our right and responsibility to promote the values of the Vancouver Public Schools.

In selecting daily attire for school, students should choose clothing and accessories (hats, backpacks, scarves, bandanas, buttons, etc.) that:

  • Are free of logos or language that are profane and vulgar or that symbolize or suggest drugs, alcohol, sex, acts of violence, harassment, degradation or prejudice against others.
  • Will not disrupt our learning environment because it offends the values or beliefs of others.
  • Will not be a distraction to others.

If an adult staff member determines that a student’s choice of attire is inappropriate for the school setting, the student will be expected to change or alter their attire. A decision not to comply with an adult staff member’s request will result in progressive discipline.

Phone calls to students will not be connected to individual classrooms. In case of emergencies, students will be called to the office for phone use. Every attempt will be made to deliver messages to students.

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