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Our Mission

At Vancouver Flex Academy, the daily instructional and assessment practices ensure that every student learns at high levels. We believe that becoming an educated citizen will profoundly improve opportunities in life.

Values and Principles

Vancouver Flex Academy is a school of choice for blended learning, which combines online curriculum with face-to-face instruction. The staff, students and parents have developed the following values and principles to guide decisions for the school:

  • Directly helping students become actively involved in their learning.
  • Using curriculum that is engaging, integrated and relevant.
  • Continuing to keep student/staff relationships as an integral part of all student learning.
  • Guiding students to reflect continually on their lifelong goals.

  • Devoting regularly scheduled time to analyze practice and determine the effectiveness of teaching decisions.
  • Aligning practices and operations throughout the system.
  • Whole group (staff, student and parent) commitment to self-reflection on teaching, learning, curriculum and delivery systems.

  • Early instruction and frequent reinforcement of what a quality student is: consistent attendance, positive behavior choices and quality work completion.
  • Shifting from discipline to support and focusing students on moving from external to internal self-control.
  • Transferring the characteristics of a quality student to real-life experiences.

  • Creating relevant inquiry processes that explicitly connect academic learning to real-life problem-solving.
  • Implementing consistently high expectations for life-ready skills: consistent attendance, positive behavior and ethical choices and completion of work.
  • Teaching students meta-cognitive processes to promote ongoing learning, such as questioning, struggling, epiphany, connection/application.

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