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Looking for motivated, hardworking students
who are interested in project based learning in a small setting.

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Frequently asked questions

Flex Academy is a public school. It is a full-day choice high school in Vancouver Public Schools.

No. Flex Academy is a comprehensive, choice high school in Vancouver Public Schools.

Vancouver Flex Academy is a full day high school schedule. 

Starts at 9:20 a.m.

Ends at 3:50 p.m.

The practice of combining project based learning, digital, and real life experiences to enhance classroom instruction.

  • The classes are small.
    • There is more help from teachers.
  • More personal connection with teachers.
    • There are more ways to be involved at school.
  • My boundary high school is too big!
    • It was too hard to focus at my school.
  • There were too many distractions at my school!
    • I like being in a school that knows who I am and accepts me.


Digital Arts

Family & Consumer Science


Students follow each pathway sequentially. They typically enter as a Freshman into the first course, but pathways are flexible based on student interest and experience.

Flex Academy does have students in need of special education services. Through an inclusive model, students are given the necessary support to have a positive educational experience.

There is no tuition if accepted to Flex Academy as we are a Vancouver Public School.

The capacity of Vancouver Flex Academy is 110 students. It is a small school in a big city.

Students in grades 8-11 who live outside the Vancouver Public Schools boundary are eligible to apply, but can only be admitted after all eligible Vancouver Public Schools applications at their grade level are admitted.

Students in grades 9-12 may apply during the school year.

If the entire list of in-district applicants has been exhausted, students from out of district would be invited to apply.

Students residing outside of Washington State are ineligible to apply.

Vancouver Public Schools provides bus transportation for in-district students. Each of the six district middle schools will serve as a “hub” site, transporting students from their neighborhood middle school to Flex Academy at the start of the school day. Routes will return students to their neighborhoods after the end of the school day.


Project-Based Learning