Purchasing and payments

All schools use point-of-sale software to track cafeteria sales and deposits. The system works much like a debit card. Parents make a deposit (cash or check) at the school in any amount for their child’s meal purchases. When the student makes a purchase, he/she provides a five-digit pin number (cafeteria staff can look up a student’s pin number if necessary). The cost of each meal, as well as a la carte juice and milk, will be deducted from the account. Students who receive free or reduced-price meals also use the new system. Deposits are not required for students approved for free meals unless they purchase extra milk or juice.

Parents may check their child’s account balance and add funds through a Skyward Family Access account. Learn more about Skyward and how to get an account.

Any money left in the account at the end of the year will be transferred into the student’s account for the next school year. Parents of seniors who have graduated can request a refund at Vancouver Flex Academy.

Off-campus lunch passes

Eleventh and 12th-grade students who have obtained parent permission may apply for an off-campus pass to leave campus during lunch. A pass may be obtained by filling out an off-campus form that can be picked up in the main office. Off-campus passes may only be used when leaving school during the assigned lunch period and may be suspended or revoked by the principal if the student abuses this privilege.